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Couchappjs is inspired by the couchapp program written in Python. The idea of both program are the same except that the nodejs version might bring some more improvement that are unlikely to happen with the python version.

Couchappjs currently handles those functions

  • filters
  • views
  • updates
  • shows
  • lists

It also support loading CommonJS modules into couchdb. CommonJS modules are currently scoped into "commonjs/*". But that could be changed in the future to give a bit more control over how the design documents should endup.

The other big point is that Bower can be integretaded without much problems into the couchapp API.


You can install it globally using npm

npm install -g couchapp


There are currently only 2 functions

couchapp init

Initialize the project in a folder of the name of the project. It generates a file named couchapp.json that contains the configurations necessary to push the project on the database.


When true, push file contained in bower_components that are necessary for the application. It use the main attribute in bower.json contained in attachments/. If useBower is false, it will add any file contained inside attachments/.

couchapp sync

Used to sync the application to the database. By default it use the dev target that is located in couchapp.json file.


  • --pretend, -p Pretend to push to the server but instead just render the document to stdout Can be used for debugging
  • --watch, -w Watch the current directory for any changes and rebuild the design document


  • search installed npm packages for plugins
  • store CommonJS modules for views in views/lib/*
  • reroot CommonJS into the design documents instead of storing everything in commonjs/*