Raspberry Pi Weather Station Using Sense HAT
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Pi_Weather_Station: Weather Station Using Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT

Python 3.4.2 | flask 0.10.1 | sense_hat 2.2.0

Pi with HAT


These scripts use a Raspberry Pi with a Sense HAT to monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, and orientation. The sensor information is displayed on the sense HAT 8x8 LED matrix, and via the web browser using flask.

Getting Started

On your raspberry pi with sense HAT run the command lines below

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
git clone https://github.com/llamafarmer/Pi_Weather_Station.git

Next you will need to install the packages needed for the scripts to execute

sudo apt-get install python3-flask
sudo apt-get install sense-hat

To test everything is working change directories to the newly downloaded repo and execute using Python 3

cd Pi_Weather_Station
python3 weather.py
python3 web_app.py

The 8x8 LED matrix should light up and begin scrolling sensor information. You can also view the sensor information using the web browser and pointing it to port 5000 of the raspberry pi.


Web Screenshot

To execute these scripts automatically you need to update the bash scripts in the utils folder and make them executable

First change directories to the utils folder and update the bash scripts to point to your python scripts

cd utils
nano launch_weather.sh
nano launch_web_app.sh

Then make them executable

sudo chmod +x launch_weather.sh
sudo chmod +x launch_web_app.sh

Test the files


Lastly add them to cron

sudo crontab -e
@reboot /home/pi/Pi_Weather_Station/utils/launch_weather.sh
@reboot /home/pi/Pi_Weather_Station/utils/launch_web_app.sh

ctrl+x to exit and y to save. Then enter the command below to reboot

sudo reboot -h now

Your raspberry pi should reboot and execute both scripts on startup


  • add joystick functionality thanks @atbPy
  • add video (Pi Camera) see Hummingbird_Watcher
  • improve web interface (buttons/user input)
  • Allow user to create email alerts

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2017 Josh Sisto MIT License