Clojure protocol-based serialization interface for Hadoop.
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Byteable is a Clojure protocol-based serialization interface for Hadoop. It is primarily intended to complement the Hadoop Writable serialization interface, but may be useful in other contexts as well.


Byteable is in Clojars. Add this :dependency to your Leiningen project.clj:

[byteable "0.2.0"]


The Hadoop Writable interface is nice in that it allows for compact, efficient serialization, but requiring types to implement the Writable interface in order to be serializable is a very limiting constraint. Byteable provides the same low-level abstract interface, but as a Clojure protocol + multimethod, allowing independent implementation of the interface for arbitrary types.

Extending to types

Use the byteable.core/extend-byteable macro to implement the low-level read and write de/serialization functions for a particular type. The extend-byteable macro will automatically annotate parameters with the appropriate type hints. For example:

(ns example.byteable
  (:require [byteable.core :as b]))

  (read [_ input]
    (let [len (int (.readByte input)), 
          bytes (byte-array len)]
      (.readFully input bytes)
      (InetAddress/getByAddress bytes)))
  (write [addr output]
    (let [bytes (.getAddress addr)]
      (.writeByte output (byte (alength bytes)))
      (.write output bytes))))

Enabling in Hadoop

In your Hadoop configuration, include byteable.hadoop.ByteableSerialization in your list of io.serializations. Set byteable.serialization.namespaces to a comma-separated list of namespaces to require in order to load byteable serialization implementations. For example:




Copyright © 2012 Marshall T. Vandegrift

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.