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Convert from a Xoops board to PunBB board.
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This script is of 2006. It's a old script but you can use it for your migration project and update it (pull request or code review).

It converts from a Xoops 2.0 board (CBB or newBB) to a PunBB 1.0.


  • PHP4 or higher.
  • php-cli to start the script from the command line. I have not tested with a browser but it should work anyway.
  • Some knowledge of php.

This script converts

  • Groups of members: The permissions will be the same for all groups. They will therefore change later.
  • Members:
  • Xoops allowing multiple groups to a single member, that punBB do not, the members are all tarred with the same group members (id = 4).
  • Another small subtlety punBB, the member ID 1 is the guest, we must not have a member with uid = 1 under Xoops. If this is your case, you will have a small mill by modifying my script.
  • Avatars must put them all in the correct folders (img / avatars).
  • Categories.
  • Forums.
  • Topics
  • Posts: It is the big piece, there is a batch processing for large databases.
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