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Chunky Documentation

This is the repository for the Chunky Documentation. The documentation is currently hosted at

Any help with keeping this documentation up to date is much appreciated! Click here for more info about editing the documentation.


You can edit any file easily right here on GitHub. All you need is a GitHub account. You can navigate to a file you want to edit via the file tree and click the Edit button after selecting a file. We use Markdown syntax for all documentation pages.


  • Python
    • Python-Markdown
    • PIL


The HTML pages can be generated in the local directory out using the Gradle build script in the project root. Re-generate the HTML with this command in a terminal: ./gradlew (use just gradle on Windows).

The build script runs a Python script named tools/ on all Markdown files (*.md) in the docs directory. Before the python script is run some special tokens such as %VERSION% are replaced with the values listed in the file. The build script then creates thumbnails for the gallery and finally copies all files in the images and style directories into the output directory.

After you have run the build script you will need a web server to serve the pages in the out directory in order to get them to render correctly in the web browser. One of the simplest ways to set this up, if you have NodeJS and NPM installed, is to run the following commands:

$ npm install http-server -g
$ cd out
$ http-server -o --cors

Another way to do this with nodejs is with your own small nodejs web server script.


Python and python-markdown are required to generate the documentation pages.

pip install markdown

The Python Imaging Library (PIL) is required to create thumbnail images for the gallery. PIL can be installed by the command

pip install pil

Alternatively, for Windows users, you can download Pillow from here.


Chunky documentation



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