Canvas size is reset to 400x400 when running in headless mode #97

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TOGoS commented Mar 18, 2013

I copied a .cvf, .grass, .foliage, and .octree files to a rackspace server, ran chunky -render .cvf. The .cvf specified to render a 1600x800 image. After the first dump on the server, the .cvf had been rewritten to canvas width and height = 400, and the output image was 400x400 pixels.

(I would look into this myself but I have some 'real work' I need to get to, hence trying to offload my chunky renders to Rackspace ;P)

llbit commented Mar 21, 2013

Hmm, odd. I have a render running right now in headless on a server and it's managed to keep the original resolution.

TOGoS commented Mar 22, 2013

I've reproduced using the latest version checked out from GitHub (commit 264caf3)

Commands to reproduce:
Data files:

The dumped images and the speed at which they are rendered also confirm that the canvas size in the original .cvf file is being ignored.

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