Git metrics: cumulative line edits per author
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Git Commit Metrics

A tool for counting cumulative changes per author for Git repositories. Can output text, CSV, or LaTeX.

This program sums the output from git show --numstat to get actual number of inserted/removed lines, unlike other line counting tools which use --stat to estimate line counts (good luck with that, lol).

Basic Usage

  1. python <path-to-repo> --by=name --output=tex > stats.tex
  2. xelatex stats.tex

Note: <path-to-repo> can be a directory on the filesystem with a checked-out repository, or it can be a git repository url. In the latter case, the code will be cloned to the local repo directory (unless the directory already exists).

Usage with Alias File

An alias file can be used to map email addresses to names. This is handy when one or more authors have been inconsistent in their use of the author field in their commits.

  1. Generate an initial alias file: python <path-to-repo> --output=alias > aliasfile
  2. Edit aliasfile
  3. python <path-to-repo> --alias=aliasfile --by=name --output=csv > stats.csv

Example Output

Output can be written as a TeX file to produce pretty tables for articles etc. Here is an example of the TeX output:

example table

This table was generated with the following commands:

./ --alias=aliases --by=name --output=tex --limit=6 > example.tex
xelatex example.tex
convert -background White -layers flatten -density 120 -antialias example.pdf example-table.png