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This is the repo for my personal site, It's powered by Jekyll. This is currently under development (and probably will always be).


  • Analytics
  • Add some tests for thor functionality
  • Revised drafts workflow

Thor: Command Line Hotness

Thor is configured to provide some wonderful tools to make blogging easier. To list the available commands, use thor list. To get help on a command, including its usage and parameters, use thor help <command>.

Command Functionality
thor jekyll:draft NAME creates a new blank post with the name NAME in the ./_drafts folder (and makes that folder if it doesn't exist)
thor jekyll:drafts lists all draft posts (files in ./drafts)
thor jekyll:posts lists all posts (files in ./posts)
thor jekyll:post [FILE] posts (moves from ./drafts to ./posts and renames file with timestamp) a draft with the given file path FILE, or posts the latest draft with the --latest or -l flag, or gives a list of drafts to chose from
thor jekyll:publish deploys to S3/Cloudfront
thor jekyll:dependencies check for dependencies

Local Development: Guard + Foreman

Development is made nicer with Guard and Foreman. When a file changes (or a new gem is added), Guard rebuilds the site and loads it up at http://localhost:4000. Foreman is used to manage the Guard and Jekyll server processes. To get everything running, type foreman start.


Before you do anything, you'll need to install the dependencies. System utilities are handled by Homebrew, Ruby Gems by Bundler and JS/CSS by Bower. A Thor command to check dependencies is available: thor jekyll:dependencies.

How To Make A New Post

  1. thor jekyll:draft "My New Post"
  2. Edit ./_drafts/my_new_post.mdown until draft is finished and ready to post.
  3. thor jekyll:post --latest
  4. jekyll (Not necessary with Foreman + Guard set up.)
  5. thor jekyll:publish

Custom Front Matter

The default.html layout includes the description and keywords meta tags in the head. They contain default values, but each post can manipulate those by adding the following custom front matter. In the absence of these keys in the YAML, the default values are used.

  description: A post about kittens, memes, and other things about the internet.
  keywords: kittens, memes, reddit, internet


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