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Check Domain - XD

Check Domain is an HTTP/HTTPS domain/url checking tool that presents an overview of servers settings, certificates, headers, redirections, CNAME/IP, CDN...

It was initially developed to compare results between origin servers and AKAMAI production/staging networks without having to edit /etc/hosts.

Using --commands, one can see all the wrapped command lines and modify them to suit particular needs.


  • Packages: ruby 1.8+, curl 7.19+
  • bundle install


  • Integrated host spoofing (no /etc/host dependency)
  • Highlight:
    • IPs (public / local)
    • CNAME
    • HTTP response code
    • Server
    • Headers
    • Redirections (loop detection)
    • SSL, HSTS
    • Content consolidation: length, encoding, compression
    • Caching consolidation
  • CDN:
    • Detection of AKAMAI, CloudFront, CloudFlare, MaxCDN and Fastly
      • AKAMAI:
        • Debug headers
        • Staging and production networks
        • Error reference number
        • Caching information
  • SSL certificates checking
  • Performance indicators:
    • Total time
    • Download speed
  • Support mutiple hosts for one domain (in config file)
  • Parallel command execution for faster results


alias xd='./xd.rb'


Simple domain check on default host (not using config):


Check an URL (not using config):


You can also use name/aliases from config file:

xd adobe ibm

Chain as many as you want. You can also mix elements from the config file and URLs/domains.

Finally, if you want to list all domains in config just do:

xd -l

And to check all of them:

xd --all

Config file

Example of simple config file:

	"domains": [
			"alias": "adobe",
			"name": "",
			"content": "Creative, marketing and document management solutions",
			"hosts": [
			"alias": "ibm bigblue",
			"name": "",
			"content": "IBM Corp. 2016",
			"ssl": true
			"alias": "kodak",
			"name": ""
			"alias": "kayak",
			"name": ""
		{"name": ""}

Default config file location: $HOME/.xd.json

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