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Passwords 2016 Presentation

Cracking PwdHash: A Bruteforce Attack on Client-side Password Hashing

To be presented at Passwords 2016.

Bochum, Germany, 5-7 December 2016.

You'll need LaTeX, pdflatex, beamer and make to build the presentation PDF.

When editing, the main text goes in main.tex. Bibliography items in main.bib. Images (PDF, PNG, JPEG) go in the figures folder.

To build the document:


This essentially performs the following.

pdflatex main
bibtex main
pdflatex main
pdflatex main

This should build a PDF file main.pdf of the presentation.

You can use make clean to remove temporary build files.

To turn on/off generation of the notes pages, change the flag in the documentclass declaration at the top of main.tex so it matches one of the following.

\documentclass[handout, notes=hide]{beamer}
\documentclass[handout, notes=show]{beamer}