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"""/eval <expression>: use a restricted python environment to return the result of <expression>
/eval 1+2
/eval zip(*[[1,2],[3,4]])
[(1,3), (2,4)]"""
import re
import traceback
import sys
#pip install pysandbox
from sandbox import Sandbox, SandboxConfig
from chatbot import send, p
config = SandboxConfig("encodings", "math")
config.timeout = 5
sandbox = Sandbox(config)
def on_message(message):
r ="\/eval (.+)", message['message'])
if not r: return
ns = {'__result': None}
sandbox.execute("import math; __result = " +, locals=ns)
res = unicode(ns['__result'])
if len(res) > 500:
res = res[:500] + " ..."
send(message['topic']['id'], res)
#we're running code, any error could throw an exception
send(message['topic']['id'], "Error running code")
p("%s" % sys.exc_info()[0])
p("%s" % traceback.format_exc())
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