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Implemented a 'fix' for a bug in certain OAuth providers. http://bit.…

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1 parent ab76195 commit 5b3c8ca86fdce5fe94f9e9a0c585ed2c54cab081 @joestump joestump committed Jun 8, 2010
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@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ def to_postdata(self):
# tell urlencode to deal with sequence values and map them correctly
# to resulting querystring. for example self["k"] = ["v1", "v2"] will
# result in 'k=v1&k=v2' and not k=%5B%27v1%27%2C+%27v2%27%5D
- return urllib.urlencode(self, True)
+ return urllib.urlencode(self, True).replace('+', '%20')
def to_url(self):
"""Serialize as a URL for a GET request."""

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