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a Python2.7 GUI for automated TDoA recording & processing
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directTDoA v4.20

This piece of software is JUST a GUI written for Python 2.7 designed to compute TDoA maps with GPS enabled KiwiSDR servers around the world using GNU Octave & the EXCELLENT work of Christoph Mayer @ + his forked "kiwiclient" python stuff, original code by Dmitry Janushkevich @

Thanks to Pierre Ynard (linkfanel) for the listing of available KiwiSDR nodes used as source for the TDoA map update process (

Thanks to Marco Cogoni (IS0KYB) for allowing me the use of his SNR measurements of the KiwiSDR network (

INSTALL AND RUN (on LINUX) Thanks Daniel E. for the install procedure

Install python 2.7

Install python-pip (search for the right package for your distro)

Install GNU octave

git clone --recursive

cd directTDoA

./ (this script will install python modules, compile the necessary .oct file and apply some files patchs)

./ (note: check the shebang if it fails on your system. On my Archlinux it should be "#!/usr/bin/python2" for example)

INSTALL AND RUN (on MAC OS) Thanks Nicolas M. for the install procedure

Install Homebrew, in terminal : /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install Python 2.7, in terminal : brew install python@2

Install GNU Octave in Terminal : brew install octave

git clone --recursive

cd directTDoA

./ (this script will install python modules, compile the necessary .oct file and apply the patch to bypass the .png file creation)



  • This python GUI code has been written and released under the "do what the f$ck you want with it" license


  • This code may contain some silly procedures and dumb algorithms as I'm not a python guru, but it almost works so...
  • This code is not optimized at all as well, will try to do my best during free time...


  • v1.00-1.50 : first working version, basic, static map, manual host adding, hardcoded coordinates, manual octave code run etc...
  • v2.00 : current work, update & dynamic maps full of GPS enabled nodes, auto octave code run, easier to use
  • v2.10beta : adding differents maps that can be choosed by the user, early work on SNR and tiny waterfall for nodes
  • v2.20: adding favorite/blacklist node management, popup menu when clicking a node gives: add for TDoA proc + Open KiwiSDR in browser
  • v2.21: reducing the map boundaries red rectangle 'sensivity' when mouse is near main window borders
  • v2.30: adding node color change possible + code clean-up + adding a popup window telling you forgot to choose your map boundaries before starting the IQ recording + Popup menus are now disabled (Add/Open) if the node has no slot available + Added a gray scale map more brighter
  • v2.31: bugfix on checkfilesize process
  • v2.32: adding a restart GUI button
  • v2.33: adding MacOS X compatibility, thx Nicolas M.
  • v2.40: known points (world capitals) listing is now a file, format is 'name,lat,lon' - easier for you to add yours :-)
  • v2.41: update process modified due to missing tags for some nodes in page
  • v2.42: forgot some conditions for MacOS compatibility oops thanks Nicolas M. again :-)
  • v2.43: auto create the directTDoA_server_list.db file at 1st start, file does not need to be in the repo anymore
  • v2.44: MacOS tested OK, code cleanup + warning about missing GPS timestamps in IQ recordings -uglymaps +kickass NASA maps
  • v2.50: some TODO list items coded or fixed
  • v2.60: map update now based on John's json listing + GPS fix/min map filter + nodes are identified by IDs, no hosts anymore + no .png file creation (patch) + no more gnss_pos.txt backup and no more TDoA/gnss_pos/ purge
  • v2.70: Octave subprocess management modified (no more octave defunct remaining in "ps aux" now) + stdout & stderr saved in the same "TDoA/iq//TDoA_.txt" file
  • v2.71: each node color brightness is now based on its latest GPS fix/min value, it will become darker when fix/min will go towards "0" + my own kiwiSDR coordinates more accurate
  • v2.72: Adding the SNR values of each node from linkfanel's (JSON) database + Color points (nodes) change in brightness according to the SNR, minimum=0 <darker - brighter> maximum=35? (version not released)
  • v2.80: Listing update is now made from both linkfanel's (JSON) databases only (GPS enabled nodes list + SNR values) + adding regexp to create TDoA_id (parsing callsigns), IPs and node various coordinates format (version not released)
  • v2.90: Code clean-up + SNR values are now only from IS0KYB (JSON) database + count TDoA runs at start + adding a ./ script to backup dir + directTDoA node db now in JSON format + add map legend + popup menu font color managed for more readibility + new maps
  • v3.00: More code clean-up and as the GUI has changed a lot recently, it's now entering the v.3xx version range
  • v3.10: Removed "20 kHz wide audio bandwidth mode" set KiwiSDRs from the node list, incompatible with TDoA at this time (2jan19) + reachability & GPS_good, fixes_min, user, users_max values are now dynamic when node is clicked on map (timeout/host not found/obsolete proxy data)
  • v3.20: Better management of clicked nodes (checking offline=yes/no + TDoA_ch>=1 + fixes_min>0) + default IQ rec BW in config file added + possibility to restart the IQ rec process + Marco/Pierre websites checked before update process start + current release version check menu added
  • v3.21: the popup when map boundaries are set has been removed - adding mode informations in the TDoA map result title - minor bug fixes with the bandwidth default/current setting
  • v3.22: map boundaries informations back, as label..
  • v3.23: bug fixes with add/remove fav/black process..
  • v3.24: allowing the possibility to "Open" a node in browser even if 0 GPS fixes were reported at instant T + minor date modification on TDoA output file title + minor text corrections
  • v4.00: no more GUI restart after TDoA runs (node list is kept intact) + Listen/Demod mode added, requires python modules pygame (for all) + scipy (for MacOS X), new file also required + possibility to remove a single node from the list + purge button added + check version runned on software start + minor fixes on many routines
  • v4.10: "Restart Rec" is now "Stop Rec" instead (it saves IQ files and generate .m file only) + added "Abort TDoA" routine so you can stop a previewed bad result octave process w/o having to restart full GUI + minor mods on checkversion(), float(frequency) and restart/close GUI + 200Hz high pass filter block commented out and empty known point block added in proc.m files
  • v4.18: early ultimateTDoA mode dev, adding a necessary patch for TDoA/kiwiclient/ to bypass returned errors causing full IQ recording process freezes (KiwiBadPasswordError & KiwiDownError) to apply run: patch -i kiwiworker_patch.diff ./TDoA/kiwiclient/
  • v4.19: adding another patch for TDoA/m/tdoa_plot_map.m to display the 'most likely position' string in the final pdf title + exchanging lon and lat values position for better reading - Note: that patch already contains the nopng patch previously released
  • v4.20: introducing new ultimateTDoA mode (massive IQ recordings without octave run from the GUI), nodes selection using the same way as defining TDoA map boundaries, all IQ files saved and dynamic bash script created in same ./TDoA/iq/subdirectory + recomputed pdf files now containing a timestamp so you'll keep all of them (instead of overwriting the only ./TDoA/pdf one)


  • compute mini-waterfall pictures on selected nodes if necessary (directly in python, not via jupyther notebook stuff)
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