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Kake Multimedia and ProdHMD's WordPress theme for corporations and small businesses. Version 3 Legacy.
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Kake Multimedia's WordPress theme for corporations and small businesses.

Currently on version: 3.9! 4 is being worked on!

Before Installation

Please remember to only install Fusion Page Builder.

When installing Fusion Page Builder, go to the plugin's file and comment out line 121 in /includes/js/fusion-core.js. This is the the line that enables "fsnInitEnquireJS();" function. It stops enquire.js from being intialized, as it is not necessary for Fusion Page Builder to work for this theme.

Also make sure you go into Fusion's settings and uncheck "Enable Boostrap" in Settings > Fusion.

What's coming in 4?

  1. Update to Bootstrap 4 and PHP 7.2 optimization!

  2. Switch from RequireJS to Webpack!

  3. Streamline the way to include a custom post type in your child theme!

What's new in 3.9?

  1. Updated the templates to new naming conventions.

What's new in 3.8?

  1. Added WP Smush Pro, we're no longer using the regular version of Smush. Now we can upload any size images we want and Smush Pro will optimize them all!

  2. Added the newest WP Rocket.

  3. Removed Bootstrap 3 Shortcodes. It is no longer recommended to use that plugin on this theme.

  4. Updated the recommended plugin list.

What's new in 3.7.2?

  1. Tested PHP 7.2! All sites should be at least 7.1 but preferably 7.2!

  2. Updated Layerslider and recommended plugin list.

  3. Styling updates across the board.

What's new in 3.7.1?

  1. Updated missing FlowtypeJS font ratio to work correctly for font sizing.

  2. Updated trans-header.php to make sure navigation is in the middle of the header.

  3. Styling updates across the board.

What's new in 3.7?

  1. Functionality to add sections to a page. Makes for building a one page site more streamlined!

  2. Better RequireJS script loading! Now script shims are being loaded properly and thru async, causing better page speed scores all around.

  3. Fusion Page Builder! Make sure to turn off Bootstrap loading within the Fusion plugin's settings. It is also now recommended instead of required to install this or Bootstrap 3 Shortcodes.

What's new in 3.6.1?

  1. Added blog post header colors now. Will be able to control the color of the header colors in the CONTENT tab.

  2. Added jumbotron conditions so if you don't have a slider in the jumbotron and just want to use an image, you can now do so with the featured image attached. Saves load time by not needing a slider for one image. Located on a page by page basis.

  3. Added footer sitemap conditions so if you desire a sitemap, it is now toggable in the FOOTER tab.

  4. Other various CSS fixes and cleanups.

  5. Updated Layerslider to version 6.5.8.

  6. Updated options to show maps API. Will update with color options in next version.

  7. Updated category options in blog options. Still needs tweaking.

What's new in 3.6?

  1. Chat and phone buttons in header: Now you can input chat code in a new JavaScript section and use the phone number field to generate chat and phone buttons. These are located in the HEADER tab. Updated to newer Google Analytics standards.

  2. Options to change the header when set to transitions on: Now when the Transitional Header is activated, new options will appear that will show the ability to change the header colors before transition change on scroll. Located in the HEADER tab.

  3. Options to change the H1 tag in the slider. Located in the SLIDER tab.

  4. Options to change the home page bottom posts font and background overlay: Now when the Blog Posts on Home Page is activated, new options will appear that will allow the ability to change the blog post font and background overlay. A slider to set the number of posts is added as well. Located in the CONTENT tab.

  5. Options organized, and added a metabox on Pages to show the transitional header if checked, only if the transitional header option is selected in Theme Options > HEADER. Also made the desktop dropdown navigation hover and a clickable arrow on mobile to allow for deeper and cleaner web linking.

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