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This project was first prototyped at the Open Oakland Day of Service 2019. Continued development occurs as part of the Open Oakland Brigade.

Kiosk Landing Page

This landing page is intended to be a portal for the 2020 Census administered by Alameda County. It will be accessible at locations where a computer or tablet is provided to the public and is intended to introduce people to the Census and offer information about why the Census is important to complete, as well as resources and guides on how to complete the Census. It is intended to be welcoming to people for whom English is not their first language.


  1. Clone or fork the repo
  2. cd dos-acccc: change directories into the project folder
  3. npm install: install dependencies
  4. cp landing-page-copy-example.json data/landing-page-copy.json: copy the example json file to the data/ folder
  5. npm run start: start a dev server and open the local site in a browser

The main index.html page links to resources in all languages supplied by the data/landing-page-copy.json file. For Alameda County, we are linking to Google Drive folders. Static assets like fonts, images, and CSS stylesheets are located in the public folder.

Directory Structure

├── data
├── node_modules
├── public                        // static assets + CSS and JS
│    ├── fonts
│    ├── img
│    ├── styles                   // edit CSS styles here
│    └── index.js                 // edit JS here
├── views
│    ├── layouts
│    │   └── base.hbs             // base template for all of the pages, doctype, <head>, and <body>
│    ├── index.hbs
├── ...                           // gitignore, package*.json, webpack config files
├── json-transformer.js           // generation script for landing page content
├── landing-page-copy-example.csv   // example of CSV that json-transformer.js can ingest
├── landing-page-copy-example.json  // example of JSON output from json-transformer.js
├── index.html                    // AUTO-GENERATED, DO NOT EDIT: main entry page
└── main.js                       // AUTO-GENERATED, DO NOT EDIT: compiled js from public/index.js


The page is published as a static GitHub page at It will publish automatically on a merge to master.


TBD, but roughly:

  1. create a new branch against master
  2. make changes
  3. test your changes locally
  4. open a PR (write moar here)
  5. ping @llkats for a review

Generating Landing Page Copy

Home Page Content Generation

Copy is provided in a Google Sheets document (ask @llkats for the link if you need access). If you want to create your own spreadsheet, make sure to include the following columns:

languageName  - language name in its native characters, eg., ελληνικός
enLanguage    - language name in English
pagePosition  - "top" or "bottom"
link          - the link to which you want the button to navigate
  1. Export the latest document as a CSV and save it as data/landing-page-copy.csv.
  2. Transform the CSV into a JSON file with the following json-transformer script.
npm run build-json

Otherwise, you can edit the landing-page-copy.json file by hand to supply the content you need.



Programming Todos

  • templates
    • introduce templates
    • pass language in path to /more-info/:language page and render appropriate JSON file, falling back to English if no match
    • create "additional resources" template and generate based on language
    • prerender all templates with a build step and investigate caching
  • accessibility audits
    • accessibility will be of primary concern
    • all efforts should be made to adhere to WCAG standards
  • browser testing
    • test in a wide range of browsers, especially Internet Explorer and Edge, and iOS tablet-size screens
  • version control
    • maybe move to github
  • hosting
    • somewhere other than glitch?


This landing page is intended to be a portal for the 2020 Census administered by Alameda County.






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