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FoodSmarter Dissertation Submission

How to Run

Make sure the folder is unzipped. To run the project, open the index.html page in a mainstream browser of your choice. Preferably Google Chrome on a device with a camera. The application is hosted on for viewing on a mobile device.

Registering a User

You can create an account using an email and password. Password resetting is not currently supported so please make a note of it, if you do lose access to your account please contact to have your data recovered. If you don't want to create a new account there is a test user with the following credentials: email: password: password

Adding Food Items

To scan a barcode a device with a camera is required. As discussed in the report, Safari has compatability issues with the camera library so an Android browser is required for mobile use.

Changing User Settings

To change settings such as user name, diet and allergy requirements navigate to the 'Account Settings' page found in the hamburger menu

Code Comments

All comments can be viewed in an interactable HTML format within the docs folder as well as within the code files themselves.

Access to Firebase Console

If you want access to the Firebase database console to see data structures for yourself, please contact

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