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This is an emacs major mode that provides some features for editing gitolite configuration files.


This package is available on Melpa. With it, you should be able find the package using M-x list-packages.

Alternatively, you can use use-package to easily add it to your local configuration:

(use-package gl-conf-mode
  :ensure t
  :defer t)


The current features include:

  • context-sensitive help for gitolite.conf files: C-c C-h
  • move to next repository definition: C-c C-n
  • move to previous repository definition: C-c C-p
  • go to the include file on the line where the cursor is: C-c C-v
  • open a navigation window with all the repositories (hyperlink enabled): C-c C-l
  • open a navigaton window with all the group definitions (hyperlink enabled): C-c C-g
  • mark the current repository and body: C-c C-m

It supports basic syntax based font colours, so it will highlight interesting parts of the configuration file:

  • comments
  • repo definitions
  • rules
  • refexes
  • groups
  • ...

For the context sensitive help it can detect different positions, and will offer help on that topic:

  • repo line
  • include line
  • permissions (R/RW/RWC/...)
  • refexes (branches, ...)
  • user or group permissions
  • groups
  • anything else (offer generic gitolite.conf help)

The help uses the main gitolite web documentation, linking directly into it with a browser.

If the emacs w3m module is available in the system, it will be used to open the help inside emacs, otherwise, the emacs configured external browser will be launched (based on the Emacs variable browse-url-browser-function).


emacs major mode for gitolite configuration files



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