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Reliance Edge filesystem for the ESP32
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Reliance Edge filesystem for the ESP32

RedFlash is a port of Reliance Edge filesystem to the ESP32, providing support for usage on internal and external flash. External support utilizes my ExtFlash component.

To clone this repo, use the following to automatically include the extflash and Reliance Edge submodules:

git clone --recurse-submodules

To use, just add the "extflash" and "redflash" components to your components directory and initialize it with something like:

#include "redflash.h"

void app_main()
    esp_err_t err;

    ext_flash_config_t ext_cfg =
        .vspi = true,
        .sck_io_num = PIN_SPI_SCK,
        .miso_io_num = PIN_SPI_MISO,
        .mosi_io_num = PIN_SPI_MOSI,
        .ss_io_num = PIN_SPI_SS,
        .hd_io_num = PIN_SPI_HD,
        .wp_io_num = PIN_SPI_WP,
        .speed_mhz = 40,
        .dma_channel = 1,
        .queue_size = 4,
        .max_dma_size = 8192,
        .sector_size = 0,
        .capacity = 0,

    err = extflash.init(&ext_cfg);
    if (err != ESP_OK)

    const red_flash_config_t red_cfg =
        .flash = &extflash,
        .part_label = NULL,
        .flash = NULL,
        .part_label = CONFIG_REDFS_PARTITION_LABEL,
        .volume_label = VOLUME_LABEL,
        .base_path = MOUNT_POINT,
        .open_files = openfiles,
        .auto_format = true,

    err = redflash.init(&red_cfg);
    if (err != ESP_OK)

The configuration options for RedFlash are:

typedef struct
    ExtFlash *flash;            // initialized ExtFlash, or NULL for internal flash
    const char *part_label;     // partition label if using internal flash
    const char *volume_label;   // RedFS volume label from gaRedVolConf
    const char *base_path;      // mount point
    int open_files;             // number of open files to support
    bool auto_format;           // true=format if not valid
} red_flash_config_t;

You will also need to use the Reliance Edge Configuration Tool found here Datalight Extras to create the "redconf.c" and "redconf.h" files found in the root of this repo.

More documentation to follow.

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