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ESP32 touch pad component
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ESP32 touch pad component

The TouchPad component provides a means of using the ESP32 touch pads as switches.

Your callback is invoked when a touch is detected, at intervals if it's a continuous touch, and when the touch is released.

You specify configuration options for each touch pad:

class Config
    uint32_t delay;     // # of milliseconds pad must be touched before notify, 0 = immediate
    uint32_t repeat;    // # of milliseconds between notifies if pad is held, 0 = no repeat
    uint16_t touched;   // touch detection threshold
    uint16_t released;  // release detection threshold

To use, just add the "touchpad" component to your components directory and initialize it with something like:

#include "touchpad.h"

static void touch_cb(uint8_t pad, TouchPad::TouchType type, int64_t ms)
    ...notify main task...

void app_main()
    TouchPad tp;


    for (;;)
        ...wait for and process notifications...
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