An Eclipse plugin for summarizing recurring patterns of design for code reuse.
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MICoDE is a Eclipse plugin for summarizing recurring design in code repository into template for code generation.

Snapshot of MICoDe

MICoDE is short for "Mining Implicit Code Design", which is a tool to automatically extract and abstract recurring designs from code base into design templates. The mined templates allows developers to make further customization for generating new code. The generated code involves the code skeleton of recurring design as well as the code bodies annotated with comments and hints to remind developers of necessary modification. A short demonstration of MICoDe is available in

Set Up Source Code

MICoDE requires install GMF (Graphic Modelling Framework) plugin for generating graphic UML-like model. You may install the plugin through Eclipse Market in your Eclipse.

Moreover, this plugin depends on three projects:

  1. mcidiff (
  2. clonepedia (
  3. datamining (

You may kindly import the projects in aforementioned repositories first.

Tool Tutorial

When you run the program successfully, you can see Clonepedia and MICoDE options in Eclipse Preference. Choose the Java project you would like to analyze as follows:

Snapshot of MICoDe Snapshot of MICoDe

You need to generate code clone information as follows: Snapshot of MICoDe

Now you can generate templates as follows: Snapshot of MICoDe

Afterwards, you need to load generated templates: Snapshot of MICoDe

You can open the mined templates in the template view: Snapshot of MICoDe