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New features in PHP 7.2

  • New object type
  • Abstract method overriding
  • Parameter type widening*
  • Extension loading by name
  • Sodium is now a core extension
  • Password hashing with Argon2
  • Extended string types for PDO
  • Additional emulated prepares debugging information for PDO
  • Support for extended operations in LDAP
  • Address Information additions to the Sockets extension
  • Allow a trailing comma for grouped namespaces
  • proc_nice() support on Windows
  • pack() and unpack() endian support
  • Enhancements to the EXIF extension
  • New features in PCRE
  • SQLite3 allows writing BLOBs
  • Oracle OCI8 Transparent Application Failover Callbacks
  • Enhancements to the ZIP extension


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