DC/OS on OVH Cloud Installer
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DC/OS on OVH Cloud Installer

Script that will spin up a bunch of VMs in the OVH cloud and install DC/OS on them.


Configure your ~/.ovh.conf to contain proper credentials

$ cat ~/.ovh.conf


install Python 3 and required Python modules (pip install -r requirements.txt) then run ./dcos_ovhcloud_installer.py --help and set appropriate options.


$ ./dcos_ovhcloud_installer.py --project SomeOVHCloudProject \
                               --ssh-key "SomeOVHCloudKey" \
                               --masters 3 \
                               --agents 10 \
                               --pub-agents 2 \
                               --url https://downloads.dcos.io/dcos/stable/dcos_generate_config.sh

I mainly use this tool for development and quick testing where I spin up a cluster, run some tests and then tear it down. So the default behaviour is to delete the cluster when the script exits. You can override this behaviour using the --no-cleanup flag.

DC/OS Quick Start

If you're interested in DC/OS independent of the OVH Cloud check the DC/OS Quick Start. The steps described in there are what this Installer runs after initializing the OVH Cloud VMs.