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Simple Blog made with Laravel

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Logging in

There's no interface for changing user's information yet. You can change user's password using tinker

$ php artisan tinker
> $user = App\Models\User::find(1);
> $user->password = bcrypt('newPassword');
> $user->save();

Posts Content

The body of the posts are saved in markdown. Laravel uses Erusev's Parsedown package to transform it into HTML. Backend UI uses SimpleMDE to show a friendly markdown editor


All list tables were made using Spatie's Vue Table Component package. Pagination and search are server-side

Changing theme

Main app colors are defined by Tailwind CSS colors.

You can manage themes from the backend on backend/themes. Only one theme can be active at a time.


Posts List

In order to see a post, it must be visible and publish_date must be in past.

Algolia's Search (currently untested)

There's a box on the top-right corner for searching posts that uses algolia instant search javascript component. You can define your Algolia credentials in the .env file.

Featured posts

A featured post is visible from anywhere on the frontend UI. It's showed on the sidebar present in any page. It must be published and visible as well.


When I got stuck developing this project, I used Freek Van Der Herten's blog to find a way to solve the problem or inspiration for future features. Thanks for sharing it! 👍



Simple blog with markdown. Development not continued. Project not in use anymore.






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