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🐍 The classic Snake game built with Vue. Just for learning purposes.
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🐍 Snake game built with Vue

πŸ“š Just for learning purposes.

This is my first project wih Vue, so there will be a lot of code that can be done more efficiently. Please, feel free to create any pull request you want πŸ™‚

Road Map

  • Add tests for the components
  • Finish the test suite for the current code
  • Add score board with local storage
  • Add button for resetting the game
  • Add Webpack, postCSS or whatever it's needed to add Tailwind
  • Add TailwindCSS
  • Center the board properly
  • Remove vertical scrolling with overflow
  • Add retro sounds when moving, eating and game over
  • Speed system needs improvements, it gets impossible to play after 25 points
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