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🐍 The classic Snake game built with Vue. Just for learning purposes.
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🐍 Snake game built with Vue

πŸ“š Just for learning purposes.

This is my first project wih Vue, so there will be a lot of code that can be done more efficiently. Please, feel free to create any pull request you want πŸ™‚


  1. Make sure you are using a version of Node >8 and it's corresponding version of NPM. v8.16.2 has specifically been tested to work.
    • A recommendation is to use NVM to manage your Node versions.
    • (Windows users: Use this version of NVM)
    • After installing nvm, run nvm install 8 to install the latest 8 version, or nvm install 8.16.2 to install the specific version.
    • Run nvm use 8 or nvm use 8.16.2 to ensure your Node version is the correct version.
  2. Run npm install to install all of the dependencies.
  3. Run npm run serve to start the server.
  4. Go to http://localhost:8080/ to play your local development copy of the game.

Road Map

  • Add tests for the components
  • Finish the test suite for the current code
  • Add score board with local storage
  • Add button for resetting the game
  • Add Webpack, postCSS or whatever it's needed to add Tailwind
  • Add TailwindCSS
  • Center the board properly
  • Remove vertical scrolling with overflow
  • Add retro sounds when moving, eating and game over
  • Speed system needs improvements, it gets impossible to play after 25 points
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