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Guidelines for contributing to the project


Please direct any questions, feature requests or bugs to the issue tracker.


To develop and run unit tests you'll need:

  • Apache Maven 3+
  • JDK 1.8+

To run the integration tests you'll additionally need a proper docker environment setup. The project is primarily developed in linux and hence assumes the YouTrack instance running in the docker container is reachable via localhost. If your OS differs you may need to temporarily play around with the youtrack.docker.baseUrl property in the pom.xml in order to run the integraion tests (just make sure not to commit any changes to this property!).

How to contribute?

Fork the repository, code your changes, then submit a pull request. We ask several things:

  • If your PR solves an issue, the first line on your commit message should be a reference to the issue surrounded by parenthesis, followed by a space, followed by the issue's title. Example: (#32) Fixing some bug
  • The rest of your commit message should clearly state what is new (NEW), what has merely changed (REF), what has been fixed (FIX), etc.
  • First ensure your contribution meets the project's styleguides by running the following and making sure there are no errors: mvn -P release-profile clean install -DskipTests
  • Your code contribution must include tests, whether its unit tests or integration-tests if applicable.

Code Coverage

Coverage is reported via and also the project's site.

The current minimum target coverage is 85%.

Run the tests

  • To run the unit tests: mvn test.
  • To run unit and integration tests: mvn -P integration-tests clean verify (make sure your docker environment is setup as mentioned before).
  • To run all tests and verify coverage: mvn -P integration-tests clean cobertura:check-integration-test
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