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Wonka.js is a javascript client-side framework MVC like, built to enhance the frontend development, prioring team work and clean code.

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To run wonkajs you must have installed node.js.


Install wonkajs as global node module on your shell with the install command:

$ sudo npm install -g wonkajs

Getting started

Create a project

To create new project, run command:

$ wonkajs project demo

Run server

To run wonkajs server and verify that's working, just must run inside the project folder:

$ wonkajs server

First application

To create an app, is necessary be on the project folder and run the app command:

$ wonkajs app appdemo

Internacionalization (i18n)

To generate language files:

$ wonkajs i18n

This command will find string on html and javascript file to localize.

To get this works, you must declare your string on javascript files with function __, for example:

var message = __('String to locale');

Or if you want to locale any string on any template, just use the handlebars helper:

<p>{{ __ "String to locale" }}</p>


To deploy your project, we recommend compress the project and upload to a server ready to display static content.

To deploy your project, just need to run:

$ wonkajs deploy

With this commando, will be created a deploy folder, that will has the files:

  • index.html
  • main.css
  • main.js
  • images
  • icons
  • languages

Upload this folder to your server, target to your web server and ready, your application will works.

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