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Hi. The file shown below is a valid JSON object. However, unless I wrap numbers with the double quote, JSONSelect isn't able to select an object.

So, using this file:

   "categories": [
         "id": "1",
        "name": "Test"
         "id": 2,
         "name": "Boom"

If I write

JSONSelect.match('.categories :has(.id:val("1"))', data);

it find the object. If I write

JSONSelect.match('.categories :has(.id:val("2"))', data);

it doesn't find the object (an empty array is returned).

I have just been looking at this library and was curious about this too. I figured out you can test numbers as follows:
JSONSelect.match('.categories :has(.id:expr(x=2))', data);

For both string or number, use the following:
JSONSelect.match('.categories :has(.id:expr(x=2 || x="2"))', data);

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