A hello world application that demonstrates deploying on awsbox
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It's so cute, what is it?

This is a sample hello world application that can be deployed on a DIY PaaS called awsbox, which is a super thin box around amazon web services.

The four things that make this hello world app awsbox deployable include:

  • written in nodejs
  • has an .awsbox.json file which provides information to the deployment system (like, what processes should be run?)
  • binds localhost and defers to a PORT environment variable.
  • has a package.json file and can be npm installed.

How do I make it go?

$ EXPORT AWS_ID=<your aws id>
$ EXPORT AWS_SECRET=<your aws secret>
$ git clone git://github.com/lloyd/awsbox-helloworld
$ cd awsbox-helloworld
$ npm install
$ node_modules/.bin/awsbox create -n mybox -t t1.micro
$ git push mybox master

Now your application is deployed on the web.