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there is nothing to see here.

idea will someday be a programming game platform: a small framework that you can use to develop, deploy, and/or play computer games where rather than rolling the dice, you write some code. will both be built with and focus on teaching javascript.

potential enhancements

  • better display of results - either a table or something protovis-based
  • unit tests - perhaps it's too early for this, though the solution space seems like something that might work nicely with TDD.
  • human players - if humans can play against an AI, it might give them a nice intuitive feel for how an AI "thinks".
  • better feedback against recalcitrants - right now mr. grumpy appears to hang the tourney-runner; disqualifying him and continuing to run the simulation would be nice.
  • cross-origin contestants - maybe it's too early to be doing this, but being able to just paste in a URL to a contestant could be nice. This might require hosting loader.html in a separate origin, though.