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jcbertin commented Jul 5, 2011

After compiling for 64bit target with full warnings enabled, I got some warnings. Also, with LLVM 3.0 static analyzer, I found more problems. Last, I found a bug in DECREMENT_DEPTH which returns wrong status code (yajl_gen_state instead of yajl_gen_status).

Hope this will help. Regards.

jcbertin commented Jul 8, 2011

I think that patch c926e05 is a better approach for issue #34 than pull request #43: adding a symbolic link to the existing include folder doesn't change the project structure.


jcekstrom and others added some commits Jul 7, 2011
@jcekstrom @jcbertin jcekstrom Fixed a bug where valid integers were not being flagged as such, making
calls like YAJL_IS_INTEGER fail, even though parsing succeeded.
Consisted of removing checks that would have been necessary, if the
custom integer parsing wasn't used.
@7AC @jcbertin 7AC added errno resetting before setting/checking it in yajl_do_parse() 914936c
jcbertin commented Jul 8, 2011

I think also that changing yajl_parse_integer() prototype in b3a1e0b is a better way for fixing warnings than 0420747 in pull request #31.


scoopr commented Jul 8, 2011

I'm unsure how symbolic links are supported on windows, or in other scm systems where one might want to embed all of the external deps, so I'm kinda against them. But it's not my call.

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