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fungos commented Nov 25, 2012

Added support to parse a simplified json format where it doesn't require redundant symbols as double quotes for strings and commas.

To be sure that this change wouldn't touch the normal parser I have duplicated the two string helper functions yajl_string_scan and yajl_lex_string as yajl_unquoted_string_scan and yajl_lex_unquoted_string. I know that it is uggly and we can merge these, but I felt it was safer this way.

In yajl_lex_lex I changed the cases f, t, n to jump to a invalid block that is the same as default, but this means we've lost the error yajl_lex_invalid_string.

I have tested all my json files with this parser and It does the job correctly.
Also, I haven't added any test cases for this, maybe later I will do, not sure :( .

fungos added some commits Nov 25, 2012

@fungos fungos Added support to parse a simplified json format
To enable sloppy json parsing toggle yajl_allow_sloppy_format config on
by using: "yajl_config(h, yajl_allow_sloppy_format, 1);"
@fungos fungos Added missing string terminators
Added \t \f \v \r as possible string terminators for unquoted strings.
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