A law school outline theme for Typora.
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Typora Law School

This is a theme for the wonderful program Typora.

I created this as a reaction to how annoying Microsoft Word can be using outlines. Also, I like to make my work pretty. So, enter this theme!

The goal of this theme is to create really easy to read Outlines, and to help your sort out the differences of information through the use of Blockquotes, Tables, and more.

To Install

Installation is very easy - just make sure to select the theme from the Themes tab when you're done.

  1. First, make sure you download and extract the latest release.
  2. Open Typora and go to File > Preference...
  3. Near the top of Preferences, there should be a button called Open Theme Folder.
  4. Copy both law.css and the law folder into the theme folder.
  5. Now you can select the theme "law" from the theme selection!

Cool - How Do I Use It?

Lucky you! I made a decent little cheat sheet with outline examples, available both as a .md file and PDF! Just open one of them up and see for yourself!


Have any questions? Let me know! Submit a ticket, or if you want to improve anything, put in a pull request!


  • Personal Use: You are free to use this to your wildest dreams - just make sure that if you modify it and later share it online, please give credit where due.
  • Professional Use: Go wild - seriously. If you like it, let me know and how you use it! I'd love to hear!
  • Commercial Use: If you are planning on using this theme for professional outlines or related materials, or something derivative of the theme, I'd like to at least know. Just a common courtesy.

So, What's the Cost?

Nada. This is for anyone to use - I just hope it helps! No cost associated, especially since you are arguably selling your soul for this wonderful thing we call the "legal career." Kidding, mostly.

If you do want to throw anything my way, I won't stop you. But seriously, I'd rather you spend the money on something you need (like nutrition or school books) before you start thinking about generosity. My PayPal is my email: lloyd094@gmail.com

Yes, That's All!

I hope that somehow, this helps at least one person out there other than myself. If it helps more, awesome. Best of luck to all your endeavors, and make sure to show those that matter in your life how much you love them.