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Collaborate here at our Playful workspaces!

Website / Workspace / Mission

You | You're Mobile Co-working! | You're Awesome!

  • anthill - do something big / The Ant Collective / Employees feel small but want to think big. Platform to give visibility to employee ideas
  • BreakOut! / Let the best ideas BreakOut! Open innovation platform. Tap employees' ideas
  • Buycott / People want to be heard. Companies want to listen. Vote with $ for products that match your values
  • Presentation / A thousand micro-actions can make a movement! Can we change biz one person, company, idea at time?
  • Connectivities / Making business personal. Solving a tech, culture + process problem. Connect employees w similar interests
  • Culture Spotting / Culture from the ground up. What's trending in my company's culture?
  • Fail Booth by Failure Academy / Companies and employees can learn from failures AND learn along the way to course correct in the future
  • Gather - Emotional Analytics / Gather by The Intangibles / How to capture people's emotions at work? The Gather app. What are work relationships like and why?
  • Loop / Measure whether companies are living their values. Employees, customers, and public can comment via dashboard
  • loopool by The Incredibles / Collaborative Relationship Management: Way to make companies operate more like open source. Diagnostic tool to catch "bugs"
  • Proto Star / Free, open transparent platform to find experts
  • Purpose Corps Photos / Hire on basis of future potential, not just past performance. Align business strategy, employee passions
  • Return on Happiness Photos / Tracking employee happiness
  • RighTale / A consumer-driven, social demand aggregator. Consumer drives supply chain, what they want, way the want it
  • Ripple / Quantifying creative volunteerism. Helping companies look good + do good by offering volunteer opps to employees
  • Sentimetrics / Google Analytics for Feelings
  • SkillCloud by Decision Icon / Matchmaking between skills, interests, needs within a company. Employees are so much more than their titles
  • Socent by Casagora / Startups under pressure to maximize profit. Funders want to exit. Socent need long term $ - game will fund it
  • Sweetspot / Decentralizes branding and communications decisions. Gets employees, customers more involved in decision
  • Ten / Data gathering real time for organizations from customers, employees, etc.

Fun n' Games