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A Compass plugin that contains a library of CSS font-stacks.

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A Compass plugin that provides a library of CSS font stacks configured as Sass variables. Each font stack tries to provide fallback fonts for Windows, Mac and Linux that have roughly the same characteristics as the primary font in the stack.


Install the plugin:

sudo gem install font-stack

To add font-stack to an existing compass project add the following line to your compass configuration file:

require 'font-stack'

Example Usage

@import "font-stack"

body { font-family: $tahoma-font-stack; }
h1 { font-family: $palatino-font-stack; }
code { font-family: $monospace-font-stack; }
.signature { font-family: $cursive-font-stack; }

List of Font Stacks


  • Add additional fonts to the cursive font-stack
  • Add mixins


Serif and sans-serif font stacks from: - A Revised Font Stack

Monospace font stack from: - 8 Definitive Web Font Stacks

Cursive font stack from: - Build better CSS font stacks, Cursive font stack featuring Bradley Hand ITC

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