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Full-stack GraphQL tutorials with React, Redux and Apollo

Part 1: the frontend

  1. Build a simple React app with GraphQL and Apollo
  2. Build a simple GraphQL server in 15 mins
  3. Adding mutations to your React/GraphQL app

More ideas for later (building on each other)...

... client:

  • Advanced: updating the GraphQL store after mutations
  • mutations and optimistic UI
  • Pagination
  • Developer tools for GraphQL
  • A quick tour of GraphiQL

... server:

  • connecting to a REST backend
  • connecting to a Mongo backend
  • connecting to a SQL backend
  • advanced: structuring your GraphQL server
  • modularizing your GraphQL schema

... full-stack

  • CRUD mutations in GraphQL: create
  • CRUD mutations in GraphQL: update
  • CRUD mutations in GraphQL: delete