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Changes in version 1.8.1
* Exported inverseList function
* Improved spelling
* Corrected a bug related to logical coercion of length greater than 1.
Changes in version 1.6.1
* Corrected an empty condition in mclusterGeneSim
* Corrected a logical check in mclusterSim
* Improved coherence in the output between lists and GeneSetCollections
* Added links between vignettes
Changes in version 1.5.4
* Improved spelling
* Reduced the complexity fo combineScoresPar and combineScores.
* Improve efficiency of code in vignettes.
* Change the news section
* Adding a section about GeneOverlap package.
* Changed the License
Changes in version 1.3.3
* Add methods for GeneSetCollections
Changes in version 1.1.12
* Improve speed on geneSim and clusterSim
* Add a vignette describing more uses of BioCor
* Adding more tests
* Calculating similarities correctly when non-existent genes are provided.
Changes in version 1.1.4
* Correct incorrect implementation of rcmax method
Changes in version 1.1.3
* Improving reciprocal method
* Increased testind of combineScores
Changes in version 1.1.0
* Adding combineScoresPar for high number of comparisons
* Improving the speed of mpathSim
* Removing the dependency of graph
Changes in version 0.99.33
* Add more test to increase coverage
* Document better the BiocViews.
Changes in version 0.99.32
* Accept named pathways in mpathSim
* Accept named genes in mgeneSim
* diceSim returns NA when not able to calculate similarities
* Increase test coverage
Changes in version 0.99.31
* Refer to weighted.mean in weighted help page
* Change the default behaviour of mpathSim: now methods is NULL
* Correct the misleading use of geneSetsCollection.
* Add test for when large number of pathways are needed (pathSims_matrix)
Changes in version 0.99.30
* Add reciprocal method to combineScores
Changes in version 0.99.30
* Update documentation of combineScores
Changes in version 0.99.29
* Update documentation of combineScores
Changes in version 0.99.28
* Update documentation of combineScores
Changes in version 0.99.27
* Correct a test for clusterSim
Changes in version 0.99.26
* Update the required R version from 3.3 to 3.4's
* Adding more tests to increase the coverage
* Using mpathSim to calculate path similarities
Changes in version 0.99.25
* Update Vignette to just output html
Changes in version 0.99.24
* Submit the package to the Bioconductor project
Changes in version 0.99.23
* Add the Bioconductor webhook
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