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Clang frontend that supports DCPU16
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Branch: dcpu16

Merge pull request #20 from krasin/dcpu16

Update clang to the upstream tip
latest commit 4b960e0ff6
@Blei Blei authored
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INPUTS all-std-headers.cpp: Include the C++11 headers when building with clang
bindings/python [libclang] CompilationDatabase naming and comment fixes
docs [asan] update docs: mention MacOS 10.7 and correct the ifdef sample f…
examples Remove a goofy CMake hack and use the standard CMake facilities to
include Merge branch 'master' into dcpu16
lib Merge branch 'master' into dcpu16
runtime build/compiler-rt: Companion commit to r159172.
test Merge branch 'master' into dcpu16
tools [libclang] CompilationDatabase naming and comment fixes
unittests Update unittests for include change.
utils clang/utils/TableGen/ClangAttrEmitter.cpp: Fix abuse of StringRef (fr…
www Update documentation with regards to template type diffing.
.gitignore Revert "Test commit"
CMakeLists.txt Clone a bit of LIT flag defaults from the LLVM CMake file into the
INSTALL.txt Add minimal INSTALL.txt
LICENSE.TXT Happy new year 2012!
Makefile Add the Clang tblgen backends to Clang, and flip the switch to cause
ModuleInfo.txt Move the ModuleInfo.txt file.
NOTES.txt Add a note about a missing optimization in the case of virtual DCPU16: Fix header in
README.txt commit access verified, revert change

Clang with support of LLVM backend for DCPU-16

Please, see the instructions how to build and use here

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