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CommandGuide Driver: Remove support for -fobjc-gc* Dec 7, 2016
analyzer [analyzer] Improve usability of ExprInspectionChecker Mar 9, 2017
tools [clang-format] Add more examples and fix a bug in the py generation s… Mar 13, 2017
AddressSanitizer.rst [asan][docs] Fix the documentation to use clang++ for the C++ example Dec 15, 2016
AttributeReference.rst Adding a title to appease the sphinx build bot. Jun 23, 2015
AutomaticReferenceCounting.rst docs: update docs for objc_storeStrong behaviour Feb 11, 2017
Block-ABI-Apple.rst Fix example: byref struct's init was incorrect, and the block literal… Dec 22, 2016
Block-ABI-Apple.txt Converted Block-ABI-Apple.txt => Block-ABI-Apple.rst. Jan 7, 2013
BlockLanguageSpec.rst Documentation: use monospaced font in BlockLanguageSpec, and fix a li… Dec 20, 2012
CMakeLists.txt docs: Fix Sphinx detection with out-of-tree builds May 9, 2017
ClangCheck.rst [clang docs] Minor fix in ClangCheck.rst Nov 14, 2016
ClangCommandLineReference.rst [docs] Fix a couple of typos in command line flag help text and regen… Apr 13, 2017
ClangFormat.rst [Docs] Correct the path to the script to include… Apr 24, 2017
ClangFormatStyleOptions.rst [clang-format] Convert AlignEscapedNewlinesLeft to an enum, adding May 8, 2017
ClangPlugins.rst Removing more :option: tags that we do not have corresponding .. opti… Jul 14, 2016
ClangTools.rst Fixed a link. Nov 4, 2015
ControlFlowIntegrity.rst Re-apply r267784, r267824 and r267830. Apr 28, 2016
ControlFlowIntegrityDesign.rst Proposal: Backward-edge CFI for return statements (RCFI) Mar 20, 2017
CrossCompilation.rst [docs] Use x86_64 and i386 instead of x86 as arch for triples. Dec 5, 2016
DataFlowSanitizer.rst Add support for -fsanitize-blacklist and default blacklists for DFSan. Aug 14, 2013
DataFlowSanitizerDesign.rst DataFlowSanitizer: Add a design doc paragraph on checking ABI consist… Aug 22, 2013
DiagnosticsReference.rst [docs] Regenerate diagnostics reference. Apr 13, 2017
DriverArchitecture.png Reverted r103214. May 7, 2010
DriverInternals.rst Driver: Replace a couple of out of date terms in the docs Jul 3, 2015
ExternalClangExamples.rst Add LibreOffice Clang plugin to ExternalClangExamples.rst Mar 22, 2017
FAQ.rst Documentation: fix typo: stdard -> stdarg Feb 7, 2013
HowToSetupToolingForLLVM.rst Fixed a typo (compilation_commands.json --> compile_commands.json). Aug 19, 2016
InternalsManual.rst [docs] Change non-c++ code blocks to 'text' format to fix a sphinx wa… Feb 24, 2016
IntroductionToTheClangAST.rst Suggest people use -Xclang not -cc1 when passing options to the front… Oct 8, 2013
ItaniumMangleAbiTags.rst NFC fix documentation build by rL263015 Mar 9, 2016
JSONCompilationDatabase.rst Extend CompilationDatabase by a field for the output filename Dec 1, 2016
LTOVisibility.rst docs: Use the term "whole-program devirtualization" instead of "virtu… Apr 10, 2017
LanguageExtensions.rst Update LanguageExtensions doc to refer to C++14 instead of C++1y May 6, 2017
LeakSanitizer.rst [Docs] Slightly update LSan documentation. Jan 22, 2016
LibASTMatchers.rst Typo fix in AST matcher documentation: s/aribtrary/arbitrary/ Dec 31, 2016
LibASTMatchersReference.html Add cxxStdInitializerListExpr AST matcher May 5, 2017
LibASTMatchersTutorial.rst [clang] Minor fix to libASTMatcherTutorial Dec 30, 2016
LibFormat.rst Add documentation for clang-format. Jan 9, 2013
LibTooling.rst Update documentation to match recent API change. newFrontendActionFac… May 1, 2014
MSVCCompatibility.rst Update MSVC compat docs about debug info Dec 14, 2016
Makefile.sphinx docs: Clarify that cfi-unrelated-cast is based on lifetime. Feb 1, 2016
MemorySanitizer.rst [docs] Update the TSan and MSan docs to refer to the new no_sanitize … Oct 27, 2016
Modules.rst [Modules] Add documentation on private frameworks Mar 16, 2017
ObjectiveCLiterals.rst Fix typo. NFC. Jun 27, 2015
PCHInternals.rst Removing a few more :option: tags that we do not have corresponding .… Jul 14, 2016
PCHLayout.graffle Reverted r103214. May 7, 2010
PCHLayout.png Reverted r103214. May 7, 2010
PTHInternals.rst PTHInternals.rst: PCH is now a thing, update docs to reflect it Jul 7, 2014
RAVFrontendAction.rst docs: Remove references to the long-defunct LLVM_USED_LIBS Nov 26, 2015
README.txt Add docs/README.txt to point to llvm/docs/README.txt. Jan 2, 2013
ReleaseNotes.rst Fix some sphinx -Werror's Mar 20, 2017
SafeStack.rst docs: Document how safestack handles setjmp and exceptions. May 24, 2016
SanitizerCoverage.rst [sanitizer-coverage] implement -fsanitize-coverage=no-prune,... inste… May 5, 2017
SanitizerSpecialCaseList.rst Clean up language and grammar. May 20, 2014
SanitizerStats.rst Introduce -fsanitize-stats flag. Jan 16, 2016
SourceBasedCodeCoverage.rst [docs] coverage: Clarify which flags enable gcov-style profiling (NFC) Feb 9, 2017
ThinLTO.rst [ThinLTO] Update doc to include lld (now supported). Oct 13, 2016
ThreadSafetyAnalysis.rst Correct the attribute spelling for guarded_var and pt_guarded_var. May 8, 2017
ThreadSanitizer.rst [docs] Update the TSan and MSan docs to refer to the new no_sanitize … Oct 27, 2016
Toolchain.rst Add documentation describing the components of a complete toolchain i… Oct 27, 2016
Tooling.rst docs: "clang tools" are not a different interface. Jan 8, 2013
UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer.rst Revert "[docs] UBSan: Mention that print_stacktrace=1 is unsupported … May 2, 2017
UsersManual.rst [Driver] Add compiler option to generate a reproducer Apr 12, 2017 Update docs/ version Jan 12, 2017
doxygen-mainpage.dox [docs] Add missing file Mar 3, 2016 PR19260: Teach doxygen to spell correctly the include paths. Apr 20, 2017
index.rst [docs] Add TableGen-based generator for command line argument documen… Jan 24, 2017
make.bat docs: Initial Sphinx setup for Clang. Dec 12, 2012


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