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[docs] Remove unsupported references to ExtraSource variable.

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1 parent ed0ab54 commit 89e369ad61e4a144d264ee199d7819237fc99841 @ddunbar ddunbar committed
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  1. +1 −2  Makefile.common
  2. +0 −7 docs/Projects.html
3  Makefile.common
@@ -30,8 +30,7 @@
# 4. Source - If specified, this sets the source code filenames. If this
# is not set, it defaults to be all of the .cpp, .c, .y, and .l files
-# in the current directory. Also, if you want to build files in addition
-# to the local files, you can use the ExtraSource variable
+# in the current directory.
# 5. SourceDir - If specified, this specifies a directory that the source files
# are in, if they are not in the current directory. This should include a
7 docs/Projects.html
@@ -402,13 +402,6 @@
- <dt>ExtraSource
- <dd>
- This variable contains a space separated list of extra source
- files that need to be built. It is useful for including the
- output of Lex and Yacc programs.
- <p>

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