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[docs] Clarify that there isn't much to be done other than watch build

bots when using the standard library facilities. The missing pieces here
aren't always in useful discreet chunks.

Fortunately, the missing pieces are few and far between, and we can
emulate most of them in our headers as needed.

Based on feedback from Lang and Dave.

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@@ -158,6 +158,11 @@ being aware of:
missing. Fortunately, they are rarely needed.
* The locale support is incomplete.
+Your best option if you cannot test on a Linux system is to minimize your use
+of these features, and watch the Linux build bots to find out if your usage
+triggered a bug. For example if you hit a type trait which doesn't work, we can
+then add support to LLVM's traits header to emulate it.
.. _the libstdc++ manual:

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