Latest commit fc65759 Aug 10, 2017 Oleg Ranevskyy [CMake][LLVM] Remove duplicated library mask. Broken clang linking ag…
…ainst clangShared

The `LLVM${c}Info` mask is listed twice in LLVM-Config.cmake. This results in the libraries such as LLVMARMInfo, LLVMAArch4Info, etc appearing twice in `` command line while building `clangShared`. `` does not work well in such a case and completely ignores the symbols from the duplicated libraries. Thus, the LLVM(...)Info symbols do not get exported from `clangShared` and linking clang against it fails with unresolved dependencies.

Seems to be a mere copy-paste mistake.

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See docs/CMake.html for instructions on how to build LLVM with CMake.