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clang-tools-extra [clangd] Set workspace root when initializing ClangdServer, disallow … Oct 19, 2018
clang Revert "[Driver] Reland: Default Android toolchains to libc++." Oct 19, 2018
compiler-rt Revert commit r344670 as the test fails on a bot http://lab.llvm.org:… Oct 19, 2018
debuginfo-tests Revert "(Retry) Add a basic integration test for C++ smart pointers" Aug 20, 2018
dragonegg Update for LLVM API change to make Small(Ptr)Set::insert return pair<… Nov 19, 2014
klee Replace APFloatBase static fltSemantics data members with getter func… Dec 14, 2016
libclc configure: Rework support for gfx9+ devices that were added post LLVM… Sep 15, 2018
libcxx [libcxx] Improve reporting when running the lit test suite Oct 17, 2018
libcxxabi cxa_demangle: make demangler's parsing functions overridable Oct 16, 2018
libunwind [CMake] Link to compiler-rt if LIBUNWIND_USE_COMPILER_RT is ON. Oct 8, 2018
lld [COFF] Fix error handling on duplicates for import library symbols Oct 19, 2018
lldb [PDB] Test variadic function type in PDB Oct 19, 2018
llgo Update copyright year to 2018. Jun 18, 2018
llvm [llvm-objdump] Fix --file-headers (-f) option Oct 19, 2018
openmp [OpenMP] Convert KMP_DYNAMIC_LIB to a 0 or 1 guard everywhere Oct 5, 2018
parallel-libs Update copyright year to 2018. Jun 18, 2018
polly [TI removal] Generically discuss terminators rather than use the soon to Oct 18, 2018
pstl [clang-cl] Fix PR38934: failing to dllexport class template member w/… Sep 14, 2018