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clang-tools-extra [clangd] Only report explicitly typed symbols during code navigation Feb 21, 2019
clang Revert "[CUDA]Delayed diagnostics for the asm instructions." Feb 21, 2019
compiler-rt Revert "[sanitizers] Restore internal_readlink for x32" Feb 21, 2019
debuginfo-tests Set config.lit_tools_dir, which is needed by lit.llvm.initialize. Nov 6, 2018
libclc Adjust documentation for git migration. Jan 29, 2019
libcxx [NFC] Fix incorrect comment in std::function test Feb 21, 2019
libcxxabi [libcxxabi][CMake] Drop unused HandleOutOfTreeLLVM include Feb 18, 2019
libunwind [CMake] Don't cache LLVM_MAIN_SRC_DIR Feb 13, 2019
lld [LLD][ELF] - Simplify test case. NFC. Feb 21, 2019
lldb [unittest] Fix missing user-provided default constructor Feb 21, 2019
llgo Adjust documentation for git migration. Jan 29, 2019
llvm [llvm-objcopy][NFC] Add std::move() to fix older BB Feb 21, 2019
openmp [OpenMP] Fix check-openmp after r354553 Feb 21, 2019
parallel-libs Fix typos throughout the license files that somehow I and my reviewers Jan 21, 2019
polly [opaque pointer types] Update calls to CreateCall to pass the function Feb 8, 2019
pstl [pstl] Remove some warnings when compiling with a recent Clang Feb 15, 2019
.arcconfig Update monorepo .arcconfig with new project callsign. Jan 31, 2019
.clang-format Add .clang-tidy and .clang-format files to the toplevel of the Jan 29, 2019
.clang-tidy Disable tidy checks with too many hits Feb 1, 2019 Update the project name in Oct 19, 2018

The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure

This directory and its subdirectories contain source code for LLVM, a toolkit for the construction of highly optimized compilers, optimizers, and runtime environments.