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LangRef: mention MSan's problem with speculative conditional branches.

This short blurb aims to disallow optimizations like we had to revert
(under MSan) in

Reviewers: vitalybuka, efriedma

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Tags: #llvm

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llvm-svn: 371461
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eugenis committed Sep 9, 2019
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@@ -3245,6 +3245,17 @@ match what was already there. However, a store *to* an undefined
location could clobber arbitrary memory, therefore, it has undefined

**MemorySanitizer**, a detector of uses of uninitialized memory,
defines a branch with condition that depends on an undef value (or
certain other values, like e.g. a result of a load from heap-allocated
memory that has never been stored to) to have an externally visible
side effect. For this reason functions with *sanitize_memory*
attribute are not allowed to produce such branches "out of thin
air". More strictly, an optimization that inserts a conditional branch
is only valid if in all executions where the branch condition has at
least one undefined bit, the same branch condition is evaluated in the
input IR as well.

.. _poisonvalues:

Poison Values

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