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lld-linked FreeBSD libc contains .text relocations #27187

emaste opened this issue Mar 2, 2016 · 3 comments

lld-linked FreeBSD libc contains .text relocations #27187

emaste opened this issue Mar 2, 2016 · 3 comments
bugzilla duplicate lld


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@emaste emaste commented Mar 2, 2016

Bugzilla Link 26813
Resolution DUPLICATE
Resolved on Mar 03, 2016 15:10
Version unspecified
Blocks #23588

Extended Description

Found during ongoing attempts to link the FreeBSD base system with lld.

For processing .text relocations the runtime loader temporarily maps the segment with write permission. I discovered that we have an issue in FreeBSD's runtime loader: it expects the first PT_LOAD segment to be .text, and unprotects only that one. (That issue is tracked in

This uncovered two lld issues, however.

First, lld should set DT_TEXTREL or DF_TEXTREL if the output contains relocations in non-writable segments.

If this flag is not set, no relocation entry should cause a modification to a non-writable segment, as specified by the segment permissions in the program header table. If this flag is set, one or more relocation entries might request modifications to a non-writable segment, and the dynamic linker can prepare accordingly.

The real issue here though is that the relocation exists at all.

feynman% findtextrel lib/ | head
lib/ ELF object contains text relocation records:
lib/ off: 0x9d0ac, func: __sys_numa_setaffinity
lib/ off: 0x9d0cc, func: __sys_numa_getaffinity
lib/ off: 0x9d0ec, func: _procctl

feynman% readelf -r lib/ | grep 9d0ac
00000009d0ac 09ab00000002 R_X86_64_PC32 00000000001a62c4 .cerror + fffffffffffffffc

These all come from the autogenerated libc syscall wrappers.

#define RSYSCALL(name) ENTRY(_sys##name); \
WEAK_REFERENCE(_sys##name, name); \
WEAK_REFERENCE(_sys##name, ##name); \
mov $SYS
##name,%eax; KERNCALL; \
jb HIDENAME(cerror); ret; \

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@emaste emaste commented Mar 2, 2016

DF_TEXTREL/DT_TEXTREL issue moved to separate PR 26814 for tracking.

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@llvmbot llvmbot commented Mar 3, 2016

This is just version scripts not being implemented. It reduces to

$ cat cerror.s
.globl .cerror
$ cat ioctl.s
jb .cerror
$ cat
local: *;

Without the version map both ld.lld and the system linker produce a relocation since cerror is not hidden.

Just marking cerror as hidden would avoid this and is probably a good thing anyway.

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@emaste emaste commented Mar 3, 2016

Marked as duplicate of the version script PR.

We have a workaround (PR 26814 or hack to FreeBSD rtld) to continue with the FreeBSD buildworld testing, and there's nothing specific to do for this PR.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug llvm/llvm-bugzilla-archive#23231 ***

@llvmbot llvmbot transferred this issue from llvm/llvm-bugzilla-archive Dec 10, 2021
This issue was closed.
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bugzilla duplicate lld
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