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import sys
import os
import re
from distutils.core import setup, Extension
# On win32, there is a fake llvm-config since llvm doesn't supply one
if sys.platform == 'win32':
default_llvm_config = 'python'
default_llvm_config = 'llvm-config'
llvm_config = os.environ.get('LLVM_CONFIG_PATH', default_llvm_config)
# set LLVMPY_DYNLINK=1, if you want to link dynamically to
dynlink = int(os.environ.get('LLVMPY_DYNLINK', 0))
def run_llvm_config(args):
cmd = llvm_config + ' ' + ' '.join(args)
return os.popen(cmd).read().rstrip()
if run_llvm_config(['--version']) == '':
print("Cannot invoke llvm-config.")
print("Try setting LLVM_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/llvm-config")
def get_libs_and_objs(components):
parts = run_llvm_config(['--libs'] + components).split()
libs = []
objs = []
for part in parts:
if part.startswith('-l'):
elif part.endswith('.o'):
return libs, objs
def get_llvm_version():
# get version number; treat it as fixed point
pat = re.compile(r'(\d+)\.(\d+)')
m =[' --version']))
if m is None:
sys.exit('could not determine llvm version')
return tuple(map(int, m.groups()))
def auto_intrinsic_gen(incdir):
# let's do auto intrinsic generation
print("Generate intrinsic IDs")
from tools import intrgen
path = "%s/llvm/Intrinsics.gen" % incdir
with open('llvm/', 'w') as fout:
intrgen.gen(path, fout)
incdir = run_llvm_config(['--includedir'])
libdir = run_llvm_config(['--libdir'])
ldflags = run_llvm_config(['--ldflags'])
llvm_version = get_llvm_version()
print('LLVM version = %d.%d' % llvm_version)
if dynlink:
libs_core = ['LLVM-%d.%d' % llvm_version]
objs_core = []
if sys.platform == 'win32':
# XXX: If found, the PTX components are returned by,
# regardless of whether we ask for them. There should be a better way
# eventually.
print('PTX is included on Win32 at if found by')
ptx_components = []
elif llvm_version <= (3, 1): # select between PTX & NVPTX
print('Using PTX')
ptx_components = ['ptx',
print('Using NVPTX')
ptx_components = ['nvptx',
libs_core, objs_core = get_libs_and_objs(
['core', 'analysis', 'scalaropts', 'executionengine',
'jit', 'native', 'interpreter', 'bitreader', 'bitwriter',
'instrumentation', 'ipa', 'ipo', 'transformutils',
'asmparser', 'linker', 'support', 'vectorize']
+ ptx_components)
macros = [('__STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS', None),
if sys.platform == 'win32':
# If no PTX lib got added, disable PTX in the build
if 'LLVMPTXCodeGen' not in libs_core:
macros.append(('LLVM_DISABLE_PTX', None)),
macros.append(('_GNU_SOURCE', None))
extra_link_args = ldflags.split()
kwds = dict(ext_modules = [Extension(
sources=['llvm/_core.cpp', 'llvm/wrap.cpp', 'llvm/extra.cpp'],
define_macros = macros,
include_dirs = ['/usr/include', incdir],
library_dirs = [libdir],
libraries = libs_core,
extra_objects = objs_core,
extra_link_args = extra_link_args)])
# Read version from llvm/
pat = re.compile(r'__version__\s*=\s*(\S+)', re.M)
data = open('llvm/').read()
kwds['version'] = eval(
name = 'llvm-py',
description = 'Python bindings for LLVM',
author = 'Mahadevan R',
author_email = '',
url = '',
packages = ['llvm'],
py_modules = ['llvm.core'],
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