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# ______________________________________________________________________
from __future__ import absolute_import
import opcode
from . import opcode_util
import pprint
from .bytecode_visitor import BasicBlockVisitor, BenignBytecodeVisitorMixin
from .control_flow import ControlFlowGraph
# ______________________________________________________________________
class ControlFlowBuilder (BenignBytecodeVisitorMixin, BasicBlockVisitor):
'''Visitor responsible for traversing a bytecode basic block map and
building a control flow graph (CFG).
The primary purpose of this transformation is to create a CFG,
which is used by later transformers for dataflow analysis.
def visit (self, flow, nargs = 0, *args, **kws):
'''Given a bytecode flow, and an optional number of arguments,
return a :py:class:`llpython.control_flow.ControlFlowGraph`
instance describing the full control flow of the bytecode
self.nargs = nargs
ret_val = super(ControlFlowBuilder, self).visit(flow, *args, **kws)
del self.nargs
return ret_val
def enter_blocks (self, blocks):
super(ControlFlowBuilder, self).enter_blocks(blocks)
self.blocks = blocks
self.block_list = list(blocks.keys())
self.cfg = ControlFlowGraph()
self.loop_stack = []
for block in self.block_list:
self.cfg.add_block(block, blocks[block])
def exit_blocks (self, blocks):
super(ControlFlowBuilder, self).exit_blocks(blocks)
assert self.blocks == blocks
ret_val = self.cfg
del self.loop_stack
del self.cfg
del self.block_list
del self.blocks
return ret_val
def enter_block (self, block):
self.block = block
assert block in self.cfg.blocks
if block == 0:
for local_index in range(self.nargs):
self.op_STORE_FAST(0, opcode.opmap['STORE_FAST'], local_index)
return True
def _get_next_block (self, block):
return self.block_list[self.block_list.index(block) + 1]
def exit_block (self, block):
assert block == self.block
del self.block
i, op, arg = self.blocks[block][-1]
opname = opcode.opname[op]
if op in opcode.hasjabs:
self.cfg.add_edge(block, arg)
elif op in opcode.hasjrel:
self.cfg.add_edge(block, i + arg + 3)
elif opname == 'BREAK_LOOP':
loop_i, _, loop_arg = self.loop_stack[-1]
self.cfg.add_edge(block, loop_i + loop_arg + 3)
elif opname != 'RETURN_VALUE':
self.cfg.add_edge(block, self._get_next_block(block))
if op in opcode_util.hascbranch:
self.cfg.add_edge(block, self._get_next_block(block))
def op_LOAD_FAST (self, i, op, arg, *args, **kws):
return super(ControlFlowBuilder, self).op_LOAD_FAST(i, op, arg, *args,
def op_STORE_FAST (self, i, op, arg, *args, **kws):
self.cfg.writes_local(self.block, i, arg)
return super(ControlFlowBuilder, self).op_STORE_FAST(i, op, arg, *args,
def op_SETUP_LOOP (self, i, op, arg, *args, **kws):
self.loop_stack.append((i, op, arg))
return super(ControlFlowBuilder, self).op_SETUP_LOOP(i, op, arg, *args,
def op_POP_BLOCK (self, i, op, arg, *args, **kws):
return super(ControlFlowBuilder, self).op_POP_BLOCK(i, op, arg, *args,
# ______________________________________________________________________
def build_cfg (func):
'''Given a Python function, create a bytecode flow, visit the flow
object, and return a control flow graph.'''
co_obj = opcode_util.get_code_object(func)
return ControlFlowBuilder().visit(opcode_util.build_basic_blocks(co_obj),
# ______________________________________________________________________
# Main (self-test) routine
def main (*args, **kws):
from tests import llfuncs
if not args:
args = ('doslice',)
for arg in args:
build_cfg(getattr(llfuncs, arg)).pprint()
# ______________________________________________________________________
if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys
# ______________________________________________________________________
# End of