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The program
Acknowledgments for the 1.1.5 release (Steve Byrne):
Fritz Nordby, Michael Mellinger, Doug McCallum, Karl Berry, Dave
Bodenstab, Brad Diller, Mark Wadsworth, Bill Trost, William Cook, Trip
Becket, Alan Knight, Alistair Grant, Michael Richardson, Andrew Gelsey,
Kevin Hester, David MacKenzie, Doug Peters, Michael Bushnell, Florin
Spanachi, David England, Charles Johnson, David B. Serafini, R James
Noble, David Duke, Mark S. Johnson, Gary Campbell, Peter Dobcsany, Kent
Williams, Wilson Ho, Karl Kleinpaste, Len Tower, Paul Regenhardt, Joe
Pallas, Peter Kropf, Mark Bush, Per Bothner, Kevin Rigotti, Lance
Norskog, Pascal Meheut, Richard Goerwitz, Horst Duchene, Olivier Blanc,
Jeff Baird, P. Lecoanet.
Acknowledgements for Blox (Brad Diller):
Steve Byrne <>
L. Peter Deutsch <>
Eben Moglen <>
Richard Stallman <>
Acknowledgments from version 1.6 on (yours truly Paolo Bonzini):
Mike Anderson <>
Pahi Andras <>
Simon Britnell <>
Nicolas Burrus <>
Carlo Dapor <>
Ulf Dambacher <>
Federico Di Gregorio <>
Jeremy Dreese <>
Mark Elbrecht <>
David Forster <>
Markus Fritsche <>
Norman Jordan <>
GertJan Kersten <>
Casper Kit <>
Thorsten Klein <>
Andreas Klimas <>
Bruce Korb <>
Alexander Lazarevic <>
Fernando Lopez Hernandez <>
Peter William Lount <>
Elisa Manara <>
David Mentre <>
Dragomir Milivojevic <>
Eben Moglen <>
Hiroshi Nanosecond <>
Ryan Pavlik <>
Nicolas Pelletier <>
Ian Piumarta <>
Jeff Rosenwald <>
Alexander Shinn <>
Dirk Sondermann <>
Richard Stallman <>
Montgomery F. Tidwell <>
Arjen van Elteren <>
Tim van Holder <>
Zoltan Varga <>
Sven Verdolaage <>
Albert Wagner <>
Nigel Williams <>
Plus all the people on comp.lang.smalltalk and Camp Smalltalk:
John Brant
Vassili Bykov
Claus Gittinger
Travis Griggs
Richard A. Harmon
Reinout Heeck
Eliot Miranda
Paul McDonough
Joseph Pelrine
James A. Robertson
Don Roberts
Peter van Roojen
David Simmons
(and many more)
I also thank specially the two people who followed me patiently through
the revival of GNU Smalltalk as I worked out the alphas that eventually
led to version 1.6: David V. Duccini (, who helped
a lot with his enthusiasm in the earliest phases of testing, as I grew
more comfortable with Steve's code, and Andreas Klimas, who made available
to me his knowledge of Smalltalk but, above all, his C and Unix expertise.
And of course, last but definitely not the least, Steve Byrne
(, for his feedback in discussing issues related to GNU
Smalltalk's implementation, for having put me in contact with all the
people asking him about GNU Smalltalk, and for sharing with me the
source code for his unpublished improvements to version 1.1.5 of GNU
Smalltalk. Steve, I sincerely hope you like what I do to your program.
The tutorial
Thanks to Steve Byrne for writing GNU Smalltalk in the first place.
Great thanks to Mark Bush and Bob Roos for their meticulous jobs of
proofreading this document, and the generous amounts of input they
provided on refinements to the contents and structure. Thanks also to
Andrew Berg for his comments on the early chapters of the document.
This document is provided as-is, without warranty, but I will happily
accept reports of any errors. If time permits, I will perhaps even
release a corrected revision of the document.
I release this document into the public domain, and simply request that
you acknowledge me as the original author in any use or derivative work
you make of this document.
Andy Valencia
325 Union Ave #359
Campbell, CA 95008 (Not checked)
November 27, 1992
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