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--------------------------------------- The system ---------------
GNU Smalltalk development up to version 1.1.5 by:
Steve Byrne <>
GNU Smalltalk development starting with version 1.6 by:
Paolo Bonzini <>
GUI development:
Brad Diller (browser)
Steve Byrne (original X toolkit version)
Paolo Bonzini (Tcl/Tk version)
superops program:
Parts by Douglas C. Schmidt and Bruno Haible.
--------------------------------------- Manuals ------------------
GNU Smalltalk user guide by:
Steve Byrne
Paolo Bonzini
GNU Smalltalk tutorial by:
Andy Valencia
--------------------------------------- Other goodies ------------
Cincom Inc. (part of network toolkit, XML packages) <>
Federico G. Stilman (STT)
Josh Miller (MySQL driver)
Ken Treis, Travis Griggs and others (WikiWorks)
Janko Mivsek and others (Swazoo)
Avi Bryant, Philippe Marshall, Lukas Renggli and others (Seaside)
Kazuki Yasumatsu (part of network toolkit)
Aoki Atsushi (Lisp and Prolog interpreters)
Didier Besset (Numerical methods library)
The Refactory, Inc. (Refactoring Browser)
--------------------------------------- Other contributors -------
Other contributors are listed in the THANKS file.
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