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* File classes
** maybe add renaming as in Squeak's Rio?
* OpenGL
** use GetProcAddress
** split nurbs into separate package
* Bindings
** Expat
** gnutls
** 3D gnuplot?
* maybe
** prepared statements support for other DBI backends
** cookies and redirects for HTTPClient
* sometime
** upgrade XML parser for package files
*** support arch-dependent packages that are installed in the image path
** some kind of sandboxing (partly done)
** add check in/check out to the browser so that .st files remain
in sync. Maybe with CVS support (see Smalltalk/X).
** cute BlockClosure implementations
* bindings
** use zlib bindings to implement direct ZIP-file access in VFS.
** provide cool examples of XML using RSS feeds, SOAP, XML-RPC, whatever.
* code auditing
** check endian-cleanness of ByteStream's float and double I/O.
Possibly fix by mutuating code from the Java package.
* VM
** create combined pop/push tree codes in the JIT compiler. They're
still there from the old bytecode set and they should improve
performance by ~5%.
** Fix some copy & paste redundancies in comp.c (the small iteration
to find out the length of loops) and opt.c (basic block handling in
the verifier and in the JIT compiler's analysis pass).
** Use multiple malloc-ed areas for the OOP table, and make heap.c
only an implementation detail of alloc.c (not really necessary
anymore with MAP_NORESERVE, and quite complicated)
** Implement polymorphic inline caching
* Java
** Write more native methods. Some, such as network methods, are
easy. Reflection is hard especially for arrays.
** Pass exception in a temporary rather than in the top of the
stack; not very hard, and should make the JITter happy about
* Blox
** Use GTK. Might or might not use libgnomeui for the canvas
widget. I have already written a custom geometry manager compatible
with Tk's placer.
** Clean up the browser's code
*** remove stray sends of #initialize. A good project to learn
about the reflection system (e.g. identify initializations from
outside #new and so on).
*** simplify UI creation (too many panes!)
* other
** finish the smalltalk CPP and C header file parser
** print entities correctly in the URIResolver. A file named abc&def
should print abc&def in the file list.
* emacs mode
** emacs isearch c-u c-s should search for a string anchored at the start of
a line (possibly with blanks), to help finding method definitions.
** fix $. to be handled specially -- indenter gets confused on
ch == $.
** fix emacs mode so when a compile error occurs, it can be scanned ala C-x`